Just like cars, the parts on a gun can wear out over time.  They too need to be properly maintained and, occasionally, replaced. Lotus Gunworks Louisville offers light armoring services for AR-15s! If you are having trouble doing it yourself, bring it to us; labor runs $45 per hour. Weapons must be dropped off for service our AR15 armoring service, which typically takes a few days to complete.

Below is a list of AR Armorning Services provided by Lotus Gunworks Louisville, KY:

  • Assessment of functioning problems in the AR-15 rifle
  • Disassembly & detailed cleaning & lubrication of parts
  • Assembly of lower receiver
  • Assembly of upper receiver
  • Re-barreling
  • Assembly/Change out of furniture and accessories
  • Mounting/Bore Sighting of optics

  • Service

  • AR Armorer Rate

  • Miscellaneous Labor

  • Cost

  • 45.00 ($20 minimum)

  • $35