Are you looking to sell your firearms and are not sure how to do it? Afraid to accidently sell your firearms to the wrong person? Take advantage of Lotus Gunworks’ Consignment Firearm Program!
At Lotus, we are constantly adding more firearms to our previously owned firearm section, and we would be happy to help you sell yours too. Every day, we work with customers from all over Louisville to help them sell their firearms through our consignment program.

Advantages to placing your firearms on Consignment Program include: reaching a larger customer base by adding your firearm to our selection, and the reassurance that the transfer of your firearm will occur in compliance with federal regulations. This process help to prevent you from accidently transferring your firearms to prohibited persons.

Lotus Gunworks of Louisville’s Firearm Consignment Program offers you peace of mind by helping you to transfer your firearms in a safe and professional manner.


Simply bring your firearms in during normal business hours and speak with one of our firearm consultants. Our consultant will help assess the value of your firearms, and provide you with our Firearm Consignment Agreement Form. This will allow us to display your gun in our own inventory selection, making it instantly available to all of our customers to view.

Lotus Gunworks offers one of the best Consignment Programs in the Louisville area, and customers who choose us to help them sell their firearm find that with the numerous customers we have in the store on a daily basis, their firearms sell quickly!

For more details about our Consignment Firearms Program contact Lotus Gunworks by phone: (502) 267-4867, email: LotusGunworksLLC@gmail.com, or in person 3231 Ruckriegel Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40299.